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Winners of the Guelph Police Bicycle Helmet Ticket Program

Winners of the Guelph Police Bicycle Helmet Ticket Program

Guelph Police on Thursday posted:

This afternoon we were pleased to present new bicycles to the winners of our Bicycle Helmet Ticket program. Congratulations June and Elijah and thanks to Vettor Small Engine and Bicycle and #Guelph Dairy Queen locations for their ongoing support of this popular program.


The Guelph Police Bicycle Ticket Program is an innovative initiative aimed at promoting helmet use among children while riding bicycles. Launched annually, this program runs until August 1st and rewards kids for wearing their helmets by giving them “tickets,” which are actually vouchers for treats like ice cream. At the end of the program, children also have a chance to win new bicycles. This positive reinforcement strategy not only encourages safe cycling habits but also fosters a sense of community and trust between the police and young residents. It’s a win-win situation where safety is rewarded, and the importance of wearing a helmet is instilled from a young age.

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