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York Road Guelph News

York Road Voted Western Ontario’s Worst Road

CAA recently released the 2023 Ontario’s Worst Roads and Guelph’s York Road ranked at the number one spot for Western Ontario’s worst.

Road quality affects everyone, no matter how they move…

“Road quality affects everyone, no matter how they move,” said Jeff Walker, CEO and President of CAA North & East Ontario in a release in March.

“We know that although there are almost 13 million cars registered in Ontario, there are also millions more cyclists, scooter riders, motorcyclists and pedestrians, all of whom struggle with potholes, crumbling shoulders, traffic congestion, unsafe intersections and uneven sidewalks.”

Guelph Worst Road

Poor roads affect us all. They make us late, cause delivery delays, contribute to congestion and, most importantly, can endanger those who use them.

Each year, CAA invites Ontario drivers, cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians to vote in the CAA Worst Roads campaign and tell us which roads need improvement. Over the years, we have heard about potholes, congestion, poor road signs and other safety concerns. Voting for Ontario’s Worst Roads helps shine the spotlight on where more work is needed. Your feedback helps us start a dialogue with the government to help pave the way for safer roads across Ontario.

Since 2003, CAA’s annual Worst Roads campaign has influenced change. Repaving and repair work has been done on many of the roads on Ontario’s Worst Roads list, with more to come.

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