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Impaired Driving Arrest

Public Tips Leads to 2 Impaired Arrests

Two men face impaired driving charges after concerned citizens reported their poor driving Saturday night.

Approximately 8 p.m. police were called to Gordon Street near Arkell Road after a witness saw a driver hit the curb and then come to a stop. Officers spoke to the driver and detected a strong odour of alcoholic beverage and other signs of impairment.

He was arrested and transported to the police station, where tests confirmed he had more than three times the legal amount of alcohol in his system. A 52-year-old Waterloo man is charged with impaired driving and will appear in court December 19.


Approximately 11:30 p.m. Saturday, a motorist reported a vehicle being driven erratically near Wellington Street West and Waterloo Avenue. Officers located the driver at his address and immediately noted signs of impairment. He was arrested and transported to the police station, where he refused to provide a breath sample.

A 40-year-old Guelph male is charged with refusing to provide a breath sample. He will appear in court December 15. Both drivers had their licences suspended for 90 days and their vehicles impounded for seven days.

The Guelph Police Service would like to encourage the public to always consume alcohol and cannabis responsibly. Please don’t drive if you are going to consume alcohol or cannabis, and please ensure that you plan ahead so that you have a safe ride home. Anyone who spots a suspected impaired driver is asked to immediately call 911.

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