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Guelph Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield Votes Down Motion to Lower Food Prices

Earlier this week, a motion to lower the cost of essential food was rejected in parliament. The motion, proposed by the NDP, aimed to compel major grocery chains like Loblaws, Metro, and Sobeys to reduce prices or face regulatory measures.

MP Lloyd Longfield was among those who opposed the motion, arguing that it was redundant given the efforts already underway through Bill C-59. He stated that the bill, currently in the senate, seeks to revise the Competition Act to provide the competition bureau with more tools to protect consumers against anti-competitive practices. This includes provisions to allow smaller stores to start up if larger ones are bought out, and incentives for other grocery chains to enter the Canadian market to foster competition.

Longfield highlighted the government’s work on the Nutrition North program, noting significant increases in subsidies and support for food harvesters in Indigenous communities. He defended corporate handouts to large grocers, asserting that they are necessary to prevent these companies from using their market power to inflate prices.


He acknowledged the ongoing issue of grocery inflation, which had decreased to 1.4% in April from 1.9% in March, and expressed optimism that this trend would continue. Longfield emphasized that the government has been actively working to address food prices and inflation, and he expects Bill C-59 to be approved soon, despite frustrations over legislative delays.

Longfield’s opposition to the NDP motion reflects his belief in the measures outlined in Bill C-59 and the ongoing initiatives aimed at reducing grocery prices and supporting food security. He believes that these comprehensive strategies will be effective in the long term and are crucial for ensuring fair competition and consumer protection in the food industry.

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