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Speedvale Construction Projects in Guelph News

Long Road (Ave) Ahead for Speedvale Construction Projects

Speedvale Avenue (east and west) in Guelph have always seemed to be under construction – at some stretch, at some point in recent memories.

Of the four Speedvale Avenue projects listed on The City of Guelph’s website, the Speedvale Avenue East Improvements project Phase 4 doesn’t begin until 2026. So buckle up Guelphites and don your patience hat on many more delays ahead.

About the Project

The City of Guelph is improving the entire Speedvale Avenue corridor, from Elmira Road North to Stevenson Street. This multi-year project aims to transform Speedvale Avenue to achieve the City’s overall vision for the roadway – infrastructure upgrades, active transportation improvements and bridge replacement work, will improve the quality of Speedvale Avenue for people who choose to walk, cycle, drive, or take public transit, for businesses that rely on customers to easily access their goods and services, and for commercial and transport industries that rely on the railway system.

City staff will phase the upgrades to Speedvale Avenue East over several years.

Speedvale Ave Deferral
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